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7 Ways to Spot Mold in Your Residence

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7 Ways to Spot Mold in Your Residence

The presence of mold in our homes presents a health hazard. Although they might look inconsequential, they do pose a genuine risk.

Mold like places with minimal sunlight and sufficient humidity. It would be best if you deal with a mold problem as soon as you notice it. That is because molds spread very fast, and the more they spread, the higher your chances of being affected.

Mold can also cause structural damage to your residential property.

For many people, they will have allergic reactions in the presence of mold. However, this is after the mold has grown to an unbearable extent. You want to tackle these moods as early as possible.

We can use a lot of ways to detect the presence of mold in homes and residential properties. It is for this reason that Denver Water Damage Repairs Removal has brought you this article. Below, we will look at seven ways to detect the presence of molds in our homes.

  1. The surest way to detect the presence of mold in the house is for a test to get applied. Professionals in the industry will perform a test to determine the presence of mold than expected levels they are. There are three types of mold tests; the air test, surface test, and bulk testing.

Professional Mold testers will collect mold samples and carry them for a test. They will give you the most accurate results. Early detection will help you in acting very quickly before the issue deteriorates.

  1. Mold smell. If you have been to a place where mold was prevalent in the past, you would recognize the scent. However, if you’ve not been there, this is a clue. You will perceive a musty or damp smell. If you can perceive the smell of the mold, it is time to act very fast. Get the service of professional mold removers to come in and perform remediation. Luckily for you, Denver Water Damage Repairs Removal is proficient at this. We will give you excellent value for your money’s worth.
  2. Visible growth. Visible mold growth is another way to detect the presence of molds in your residence.

If you visited a place infested with mold in the past, it would be easier to detect them. Those dark patches, usually yellow or black, are mold. And if you can see them in clusters, it is indicative of a substantial mold in your home. It is because the ones visible on the surface are usually less than those you cannot see.

It is time to call in for the professionals. This is not the time where you would want to exercise delay. The more you wait, the higher the health hazard you’re posing to yourself and your family.

  1. The intrusion of water. If the pipe in your home has recently burst or has been flooding from a leaky roof, it is most probable that there is mold in your home. Mold will usually follow the onset of flooding in the house. They are typically found after the water has soaked up in materials like your carpet or upholstery.

You don’t have to see them to know they are present. That’s because often, mold lives in areas that are not visible to the eyes. However, a mold remediation professional technician will detect mold after a routine check gets completed.

  1. Water leaks – leakages in your plumbing system, whether from the kitchen, toilet, or bathroom, can indicate mold. Mold easily go to areas that are cool and damp. So, you might want to call in the experts, not just fix the leakages, but also to perform mold remediation.

Denver Water Damage Repairs Removal is the company of choice as they have the tools and knowledge to do a thorough job.

  1. Past flooding experience. If you have experienced flooding situations in the past, there is a high tendency of mold in your house. As noted above, mold usually comes after a flooding situation or after water damage happens. It would be in your best interest to get in Mold remediation experts into your home to perform remediation as fast as possible. Maintaining the health of everyone in your house should be a priority.
  2. Health symptoms. The presence of mold in the home often leaves residents sick and exhibits various symptoms. Some of this includes the onset of skin inflammation, difficulty breathing, running nose, mental impairment, fatigue, and suppressing the immune system.

So, it’s not just about nursing yourself or your loved ones back to health but getting rid of the mold as soon as you have confirmed that they caused the health disturbance.

Denver Water Damage Repairs Removal has the tools for the job. With a host of experienced professionals armed with the knowledge required and years of experience, you can be sure that a thorough mold remediation job will get carried out. Our company is licensed and insured. We make use of modern technology.

Call us today. Let’s make your home as safe as it can be. Our lines are always available as we work round the clock.

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